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Chase covers are an external top covering for a pre-fab chimney or a brick chimney. It is a metal shield that covers the top of your chimney, or chase, to prevent rain, melting snow, and everything else from entering into the chase.

Pre-fab chimneys have a metal covering (chase top) to prevent water from entering the interior of the chimney structure. The original chase top is usually made of an inexpensive galvanized sheet metal, some 1-piece and some several pieces (never acceptable). Most tops have a low spot that holds water; after a while the metal starts to rust and when water runs off the top during a rain, it carries the rust with it down your beautiful siding, causing a stain that gets bigger over time. You may even hear water dripping on the inside of the chase, a good indication that the top has rusted through.

To fix the problem, we install chase covers made of 100% stainless steel, or copper. They are custom made to fit your home with cross-break and welded corners that offer strength to withstand storms, ice and heavy storm.



  • PREVENTS MOISTURE DAMAGE: Rain or water entering the chimney erodes masonry and mortar joints. Water will cause the damper or firebox to rust out. We’ve inspected countless uncapped chimneys that require costly repairs to correct “freeze-thaw” induced moisture damage because the chimney did not have a cap.
  • KEEPS BIRDS AND ANIMALS OUTSIDE: Chimney caps protect your chimney from nesting birds, squirrels, and other disease-carrying animals. We find bird and animal skeletons in 1 of every 4 chimneys we clean.
  • GUARDS AGAINST FLUE BLOCKAGE BY LEAVES AND OTHER DEBRIS: If you have tall trees near your home, it’s vital to make sure your chimney is protected with a quality chimney cap.
  • REDUCES FIRE RISK: By stopping airborne embers and sparks from floating upward out of the chimney, a chimney cap protects surrounding trees, and homes that are clad with flammable cedar shakes.


Chimney dampers allow you to close the chimney flue when the fireplace is not in use to prevent heated or cooled air from escaping the home through the chimney. An open flue is an invitation for inefficient climate control and added problems due to prolonged exposure of the chimney to the elements.

Installing a lock top chimney damper can be a great way to prevent any energy leakage from your home caused by a chimney. Chimneys can be a major factor in losing heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. If you currently have a throat damper in your chimney, which many homes do, it can still leak energy. A throat damper is an iron or steel frame with a plate that opens by pushing a handle or turning a knob. Throat dampers do not have a gasket, making it so the damper can never be 100% closed.

A lock top chimney damper has a gasket at the top of the chimney to ensure an air tight seal every time. Lock top chimney dampers also act as a rain cap, keeping rain and critters out of your chimney.


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