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Chimney Repair Services
in Chester County, Pennsylvania

We’ve been providing chimney repair services in Chester County and surrounding areas with the utmost quality and professionalism. The inspection we provide is always honest and clear from our reliable staff, they will properly tackle any of your chimney damages while at the same time ensuring good performance of your chimney functionality in the season needed. In order for your chimney to function safely and efficiently, you should contact the experts at King Chimney Repair to inspect and repair the damage caused by the years of use.

Most people leave the chimney needs at the end of the maintenance checklist and don’t realize the importance of keeping a well-maintained chimney, it should be one of the first things to attend. If you are having some chimney issues, we can help you solve those problems in an efficient manner.

High efficiency and safety of your chimney are insured with King Chimney Repair services, your safety is our priority, and we’ll go the extra mile to deliver you a high quality chimney repair service. Our chimney contractors specialize in solving all types of chimney problems. We listen to our customers’ details and expectations to better understand the needs of your chimney.


Damages King Chimney Repair Can Help With

Chimneys are exposed to a lot of types of damages that can occur during the burning seasons and can produce the inefficient performance of the chimney. Chimneys can deteriorate due to many factors such as moisture, latent defects, wear and tear, and sudden event.  These are the most common defects found in chimneys. 

Latent defects: unfortunately latent defect is something that happens when the chimney is built, it’s very common that masonry chimneys were improperly constructed.

Wear and tear: chimneys are exposed to a lot of nasty conditions such as heat corrosive flue gases, maybe animals climbing, and out wear and tear that typically happens over a period of time.

Moisture damage: chimneys deteriorate due to moisture, moisture is a huge enemy of masonry structures. Bricks absorb water and eventually causes the break of masonry, it also happens with metal chimneys, when the metal comes in contact with water it starts getting corrosion. 

Sudden events: what we call sudden events or sudden occurrence is a high heat oftentimes in a wood-burning appliance characterized by a chimney fire situation  

Other Types of Chimney Damages

Chimney maintenance is essential for its proper performance during the burning seasons. Brick damages are properly solved by our professional chimney contractors. 

There are many types of conditions that can damage a chimney. If the chimney crown is cracked it must be sealed or replaced to prevent further water from gathering and freezing. Chimney crown cracked can be repaired by King Chimney Repair. 

If you own an unlined chimney, there are many structural issues that are associated with these types of chimney and you should know when to attend. These chimneys usually don’t have the proper draft and

air circulation causing the appliances that are connected to them to perform and efficiently unlined chimneys over time may leak noxious gases into the home because of chimney cracks. 

King Chimney Repair can fix any chimney problems, contact us now and schedule an appointment.


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