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Effective Residential Chimney Sweep

Chimney inspection and chimney sweep are essential duties that should not be ignored, this task should be performed by a professional such as King Chimney Repair which provides reliable chimney inspection and sweeping services in Chester County,  Pennsylvania. What makes us different from the competition is our staff honesty and integrity, during the chimney inspection we will tell you when is really needed to sweep your chimney.

Our chimney contractors are highly equipped to properly perform chimney sweeping. We count on what is needed for each chimney service provided by King Chimney Repair, we will go the extra mile to ensure your chimney is in top shape for the next burning season. Creosote build-up in your chimney is a real fire hazard and could be prevented by our professionals.

Chimney sweep is ideal for removing creosote, this is the debris inside the chimney liner, by sweeping your chimney you can also remove another type of elements inside the liner, such as animals and other unpleasant leftovers.


Everybody loves sitting next to a cozy and warm fireplace to spend quality time with family and friends during winter days. We ensure your fireplace provides nothing but the warmest moments during this burning season with no risk. 

Your chimney should be inspected, swept and cleaned at least once a year during the burning seasons and most if frequently used through the winter months, these are the best practices to have a safe and efficient chimney. 

It’s always best to have your chimney swept on an annual basis, this way you’ll know the chimney is safe to use.

Why You Need to Sweep Your Chimney

First of all, when your chimney hasn’t been inspected and cleaned by a professional for a long period of time, then your chimney is a potential fire hazard due to the creosote build-up inside the chimney liner that can easily catch fire and create a total disaster that can be prevented by sweeping your chimney. Call the professionals at King Chimney Repair. 

By sweeping your chimney you eliminate any creosote build-up inside the chimney liner and also any unpleasant odor from the burning wood, when your chimney is working correctly it produces a pleasant smell from the burning wood rather than a strong odor. King Chimney Repair ensures the right performance for your chimney. 

You increase the efficiency of your fire burning system.

Creosote build-up in your chimney is a real fire hazard and could be prevented by our professional chimney contractors. Get your chimney professionally swept, call us now!

Chimney Sweeping

Tools used by our chimney technicians to perform an effective chimney sweeping

  • Long wire brushes which are flexible to get to the top of the chimney and araund. 
  • Vacuums used to clean all the debris and pollutants created after the chimney sweep
  • Chemical cleaners are used if required. 
  • A camera to evaluate the condition of the chimney liner. 

Call Our Professionals

You can call our professionals and schedule your next chimney sweep service from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

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